Dan-x Recycling is committed to offering its recycling service to all Nova Scotians, to ensure the environment is being protected from mercury waste that is being captured in the lamps through our recycling program, from around the province.

Dan-x Recycling has created specially designed four-foot and eight-foot cartons to place all lamps into, destined for recycling. The 4ft cartons hold 56 t-12 lamps or 130 t-8 lamps. The 8ft cartons hold 40 t-12 lamps or 96 t-8 lamps, as well as approximately 300 CFL bulbs and approximately 60 metal halide lamps. Each carton was designed to be managed and handled with the assurance that the lamps could be shipped or dropped off at our facility.

If our services are accepted, cartons could be shipped to the desired sites throughout Nova Scotia so lamps could be placed in these specialized cartons for pick up or freighted back to our facility.

The department would be responsible to place the t-12 lamps in the cartons alone, and the t-8 lamps in another carton. This will eliminate counting of lamps that takes up valuable time and money. Each carton 4ft or 8ft have been designed to hold the established amounts of each style lamps.

There is no cost for any Nova Scotia resident wishing to recycle bulbs containing mercury. 

A copy of our Provincial Approval for Recycling can be found here.

A list of our clientele throughout Nova Scotia can be found here.


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